Unlock your unpaid invoices
to streamline your cash flow
and expand your business

Unleash your company's potential with our custom-made
solution to boost your cash flow, so you can focus on
running your business without the worry of money.

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Hands tied with large
clients taking time to pay

We understand that you don't want to lose your clients
by changing your invoicing model, and this can create
a poor cash flow.

Cash them in with InvoiceBoost42 and
streamline your cash flow to distribute into
growing your business.

Keep your bigger clients happy, secure payment quicker, scale your business

  • Fuel Growth Access the capital you need to
    fund growth initiatives while
    minimising equity dilution.
  • Extend Cash Runway Provide an extra cushion of cash
    to achieve your company's next
    growth milestone minus the delay.
  • Fund Large Capital Expenditures Make large purchases without
    depleting your cash balance or
    raising a round of equity.
  • Minimize Equity Dilution Achieve a more balanced and less
    costly capital structure with
    alternative debt financing.
  • Bridge to Profitability Propel your company forward
    during a critical period of growth.
  • Increase Valuation Borrow between venture rounds
    to fund growth projects and
    achieve a higher valuation.

How Factoring works

Once you've received an invoice from your client, factoring allows you to get
paid on the invoice right away. In exchange for a low, flat fee, you receive
payment on the invoice as early as the same day.
We want to stop long hold periods on invoices!

01 You receive an invoice

02 Submit your paperwork to us

03 We pay you right away

04 Transfer the money when you
get paid

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What is the % rate?

The offer is individual for each of our clients and depends on the duration and volume of financing. The most popular offer among our customers is a flat rate of 3% for 3 months.

Is there minimum volume required?

You can start working with us by selling invoices totaling from 15k.


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